On October 2, 2019 Institute of philology hosted a one-day workshop organized by UALTA. Workshop Fundamentals of reading test development: Good practices and useful tips was conducted by Olena Rossi, Lancaster University, UK.

The workshop aimed to provide foreign language teachers with solid theoretical background

as well as hands-on experience in producing effective reading test tasks. During the workshop we

will address the following issues:

  1. What makes a good test
  2. Tests of reading comprehension
  3. Reading test production process.

Throughout the workshop, participants were engaged in practical activities

  • discussing principles of test production and reading test development
  • analysing reading test tasks and making recommendations for their improvement
  • producing a reading test for their institution, following the item writing recommendations and test production procedures introduced during the workshop

40 participants represented the hosting university, some other universities in Kyiv as well as Vinnytsia, Sumy, Ternopil, Zaporizhzhia and Kropyvnytskyi. Welcomed by professors Petro Bekh and Vyacheslav Shovkovyi, they gained multiple insights from Olena’s fantastic workshop.