October 10-12, Sumy State University hosted a 3-day Workshop “Building Assessment Skills of Ukrainian ESP Teachers” partly funded by EALTA.

Day 1. The Symposium presented an exchange of ideas and practical experiences of participants from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih and Zaporizhzhia. See the slides here.

The plenary talk was delivered by Dr. John Pill., Lancaster University. See the slides for all presentations by Dr. Pill here.

The workshop by Dr. Lyudmyla Hnapovska was not only informative, but also great fun! See the slides here.

Day 2 of workshop in Sumy. We were learning to develop test specifications. We very much appreciate the good job done by facilitators of morning and afternoon sessions, John Pill and Olga Pavlenko, and feel committed to implement what we have learnt in practice.

Day 3. The workshop “Building Assessment Skills of Ukrainian ESP Teachers” is in full swing: helping ourselves, developing frameworks, challenges and perspectives, drawing and having a good laugh))) Everything, including good things, has its end. But we hope that it’s going to be a beginning of other good things! To be continued)

See the Report on the workshop here or on EALTA website