Ukrainian Association for Language Testing and Assessment

Who we are

Voluntary, non-governmental organization aimed at bringing together all those involved and interested in teaching foreign languages (FL) – secondary and tertiary school teachers, PhD and Master students.
The Association has an international status, which suggests that its membership is open not only to Ukrainians but also to citizens of other countries.
The goal of the Association lies in the enhancement of its members’ competence in language testing and assessment (LTA) with the view of making FL learning/ learning more effective, conducting research into LTA and making the outcomes known to educators and scholars, promotion of LTA know-how and introducing it into teaching/testing practices across Ukraine.

Professional development

• Training events (workshops and master classes) conducted by acknowledged foreign and local experts in the field to be held in Kyiv and other hosting institutions (on request)
• Winter/summer schools conducted by invited or local trainers

Development of courses

• A course for researchers (PhD students) on preparing /administering and interpreting tests and questionnaires as research tools in FLT methods
• Courses for secondary / tertiary school teachers on preparing learners for language examinations, etc.

Research and consultancy

• Promoting and carrying out research into classroom based assessment
• Conferences and round-table talks followed by publications of papers
• Consultancy in constructing and validating test tasks/tests to be used in institutions of higher education

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A welcome message from ILTA President
Professor Anthony Green

As the current President of the International Language Testing Association (, I warmly welcome the launch of this association and its mission to promote language assessment literacy in Ukraine. I feel sure that this new professional community will bring substantial improvements in the assessment and learning of languages in the country.

With best wishes,
Tony Green
Professor in Language Assessment, University of Bedfordshire